About Us

The Elgin Teachers Association (ETA) is a union of nearly 2500 teaching professionals who serve over 40,000 students from 11 different communities every day of the school year. We are a local affiliate of the Illinois Education Association and the National Education Association. We are passionate about every phase of our work and we are dedicated to constantly improving our practice – as individuals and as a collective.

Our Goal

Every day over 2 million teachers are entrusted with educating our nation’s youth.

In Illinois alone, the nearly 1,000 school districts struggle with the limited resources they are able to provide to our teaching colleagues. Fortunately for us we consider the over 100,000 teachers to be the best resource and we just need to get people together.

Our intention is to tap into the professionals doing the work to share their successes, share their struggles, and assist each other in ways that only peers can provide.

Our goals is to support not manage. You know what you need – now let us help you find it.

These classrooms will be filled with an audience of experts. We look forward to you joining our audience.


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